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Fire safety services

NBE carries out the following fire safety services:
— fire risk calculation;
— expertise of a facility fire protection systems;
— supervision over design, mounting and maintenance of fire safety systems;
— development of fire safety documentation:
a) calculation of fire hazard categories for the premises, buildings and outdoor installations and definition of area class according to Electrical Installation Code;
b) development of special technical specification;
c) fire safety declaration;
d) section 9 of "Fire Safety Measures" project.

NB: NBE has the licence and appropriate SRO (self-regulation organization) permits for design, mounting and maintenance of fire safety systems. However, NBE doesn't perform these types of services, these licences and permits has been obtained in order to guarantee qualification and compentences of the specialists, who perform supervision over design, mounting and maintenance of fire safety systems.

Fire risk calculation

In order to determine the conditions for the hazardous location compliance with the fire safety requirements under the Technical Regulations and Decree № 272 dated March 31, 2009 of the Russian Government "On the Procedure for Calculations for Fire Risk Assessment" the following actions shall be taken:

— review of the documents describing fire hazard of the hazardous location;
— inspection of the hazardous location to obtain objective information on the fire safety status of the hazardous location, to identify the potential arising and development of a fire and the impact of fire hazards on people and property as well as to determine the compliance of the hazardous location with fire safety requirements;
— calculation of fire risk assessment, including, among other things, determining the frequency of fire hazardous situations, the construction of fire hazards fields for various scenarios of fire development, the assessments of the effects of fire hazards on people for various scenarios of fire development;
— inspection of the availability and serviceability of fire safety systems of the hazardous location;
— drafting the conclusion on hazardous location compliance with fire safety requirements.

Expertise of the facility fire protection systems

State Fire Control Service (SFCS) at the Emergency Ministry of the Russian Federation (EMERCOM) monitors the compliance with fire safety requirements when operating buildings and facilities in the Russian Federation.
To prepare your facility for the SFCS inspection and to reduce the possibility of a fine, it is necessary to identify all the violations of fire safety requirements (there often are significantly more violations than the SFCS order specifies) and eliminate them a to the maximum possible extent. The presence of hard eliminable violations in terms of non-standard sizes of escape routes, lack of smoke ventilation systems, emergency lighting, lack of automatic fire extinguishing systems, etc. may be substantiated by fire risk calculation.
The preparation for the fire inspection results in:

— comprehensive analysis of the actual status of fire safety of the facility;
— identified current violations of fire safety despite the SFCS order;
— development of the most efficient and cost-effective measures to eliminate the violations;
— efficient allocation of finance to ensure fire safety at the facility;
— a set of documents to be mandatory available at the facility and to be presented during inspections of EMERCOM SFCS (orders, instructions, logs, statements, etc.);
— accounting and control of primary fire extinguishing equipment;
— training in the evacuation of people in case of fire, with the drafting of the necessary documents;
— placement of fire safety signs;
performance testing of automatic fire protection systems together with maintenance organizations.

High-quality facility preparation for fire inspection will considerably enhance its fire safety and reduce the likelihood of administrative penalties.

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