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Voluntary certification body

If the equipment is not subject to the mandatory certification / declaring of conformity to the requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union, then NBE recommend for the construction organizations and manufacturers to conduct the certification of technical devices in the voluntary certification system which does not exclude and replace the mandatory certification of products.
The certificate of industrial safety in the voluntary certification system is a document confirming the compliance of technical device (equipment) with the requirements of industrial safety presented to it.
The certificate of industrial safety in the voluntary certification system allows for the following:
— increase the competitive ability of technical devices during their supplies to the enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and metallurgical industry.
— participate successfully in the tenders for supplies of equipment (conclusion of the expert examination of industrial safety or the certificate of compliance with the industrial safety require-ments in increasing frequency is mentioned in the requirements to the equipment specified in the tender documentation).
— have in possession a complete set of technical documentation: passport of technical devices, operation manual, safety justification, strength calculations, certificates for accessories, etc., meeting the applicable standards and requirements of the Russian legislation (during the certification of technical devices all the documents for the technical devices in relation to their design, manufacture, incoming inspection of billets and accessories, factory testing, analysis of storage conditions are analyzed for the completeness of provided data and for the compliance with the mandatory Federal standards and rules in the field of industrial safety, GOSTs and controlling documents).
The system of voluntary complex certification of the safety and quality systems (SQS).

1 Main SQS provisions:

— the objects of voluntary certification in SQS are the products, quality management sys-tems, industrial safety management systems, systems for management of labor and environment protection (footnote to the field of certification in SQS);
— SQS provides the certificate of domestic and imported products (services, control sys-tems) under the uniform rules;
— SQS has own rules, procedures and resources ensuring its functioning;
— SQS has own forms of certificates and conformity mark;
— the certification performed in SQS is carried out upon an initiative of the applicant, is voluntary and does not replace the mandatory certification;
— the working language of SQS is Russian. Upon the applicant request the SQS docu-ments can be executed additionally in other languages.

2 Main SQS objectives:

— complex evaluation of the indicators of safety and quality for the applicant objects subject to certification;
— confirmation of the compliance of the objects of certification to the established re-quirements as a tool stimulating the following:M
            a) stability, professional and environmental safety of production process;
            b) continuous improvement of quality of the objects of certification;
— ensuring according to the certification tools the advantages of the objects of certifica-tion in the competition at the domestic and foreign markets;
— satisfying the demands of customers for the certification services and continuous im-provement of provided services.

3 Main SQS principles:

— openness and availability of information on the procedures of certification for all the interested parties;
— independence of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers) on the manufac-turers, contractors, sellers and purchasers of products;
— minimizing the terms of passing and costs for passing the certification procedures;
— inadmissibility of forcing the applicants to passing the certification procedures;
— protecting the property interests of the applicants, including through keeping the commercial secret in relation to the data received when passing the certification procedures.

4 The SQS regulatory structure consists of the following:

— the rules of functioning of System for voluntary complex certification of the safety and quality systems;
— the regulatory documents of the quality management system approved at IDGCA NP;
— interstate standards;
— national standards of the Russian Federation;
— company standards;
— construction norms and regulations;
— technical regulations;
— industry regulatory documents and other technical documentation.

5 SQS organizational structure:

— governing body – IDGCA NP (footnote to the page with SQS contacts and head of governing body);
— governing board;
— research guidance center;
— appeal commission;
— certification bodies;
— testing laboratories (centers);
— applicants.

6 Products certification schemes:

— for mass-produced items - schemes 1SP, 2SP;
— for batch (unit) of production - schemes 3SP, 4SP;
— for type of products - 5 SP.

Schemes for the certification of services:
— 1SU – evaluation of the services provision process;
— 2SU – analysis of the condition of production for the compliance with established re-quirements;
— 3SU – evaluation of the organization (enterprise) - provider of services;
— 4SU – evaluation of systems for the management of labor protection, quality and envi-ronment protection.

Grievance and appeal procedures:
— in case of disputable situations in the activity of the SQS system participants the inter-ested party can submit the written appeal, grievance and claim to the Governing body – IDGCA NP;
— the appeals, grievances and claims are considered by the SQS System Appeal Com-mission according to the order of the SQS System Governing Body in accordance with procedure and within the terms complying with the SQS functioning rules;
in case of disagreement with the resolution of Appeal Commission the applicant is en-titled to appeal to a court.

The cost of work on certification in SQS is determined by the certification body. The cost is calculated based on the planned time required to confirm the compliance and complexity of the certified facility.


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